Tuesday, October 7, 2008

She Thinks my Sling is Sexy!!

So let me explain the title.....

We have had a hard day with Jack again today. Hoping it gets better. I decided to have Bill try out the Sleepy Wrap (which is the best product by the way for baby carrying). I have three baby carriers and this is by the far the most comfortable for both of us. Anyway, I caught some pictures of Bill in it.

He looked over at me and asked "How did I get here", poor guy was bamboozled by me and two kids.

I told him I thought he looked sexy carrying the baby.

....to which I hear him singing, "She thinks my sling is sexy...it really turns her on."

Men are so strange!!!
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Katey said...

men holding babies ARE sexy...cute song though LOLOL

Andrea said...

I completely agree, but I could have done without the song..lol