Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Most Popular Teen Girl Costume as seen on The Morning Show UNBELIEVABLE

I sat down to feed the baby and had a few minutes to spare for t.v., which is very unusual. Anyway, caught the end of The Morning Show and they were talking with someone from Yahoo who was talking about most popular costumes for different age ranges. The most popular costume , the one most googled, for a teen girl is a PLAYBOY BUNNY!!!!! They think that this is the case because of the show The Girl Next Door..

I would kill my daughter if she wore this costume or watched that program. Isn't there something wrong with this. I don't get it.

If you would like to see the link click here

To top it off, they said this is the second year in a row. There is something seriously wrong with that.

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good_to_be_home said...

I Like your blog! Thanks for sending me the link so I could see it. I loved seeing the picture of Jack. Hugs, Shanda

PS, I don't like the way society forces little girls to grow up too fast, or turn into little floozies. I'm keeping Grace little as long as I possibly can@@@

zoe & eva said...

Sheesh...Mommy said Eva and I would NEVER be able to wear the Playboy Bunny costume!!!!

Of course Mommy says that it doesn't surprise her.