Friday, January 2, 2009

My Favorite Things

Around my birthday in November, I finally indulged on a new slow cooker. I have been extremely unhappy with the one I have as it would burn food and just seemed to not heat evenly. It was a well known brand too...which made me wonder why I was having such problems. Every time I would cook with it, I would crab and moan that I needed a new one....WELL I FOUND THE PERFECT ONE!!!!! For about the same price or cheaper (depending if you find it on sale), you have three slow cooker sizes in one, stores easily away and is extremely great at its cooking. The thing I think that makes the difference is the small hole in the top of the glass lid to let some steam out...sometimes I think it just gets too hot...water would spit out from around the lid on my last slow cooker.

I just love this thing. I have used two of the three sizes, but am looking forward to making some sort of dip with the smallest some day. I would highly recommend this item. I found mine at Kohls on sale for in the 30-40 dollar range...normally some places charge up to 60. Yummmmmm, I can smell my pork and sauerkraut cooking in it now.

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