Sunday, July 5, 2009

That's What I Love About Sunday

Got to sit outside with three of my favorite people today. My middle son was trying to put something together....

and as you can tell by the looks on his must have been pretty difficult.

so focused...

He ended up getting a bit perturbed by my picture taking during his difficulties in putting such thing together.

My daughter sat and learned the joys of writing out thank you cards. She said "I never want another gift again...writing thank you cards is hard"...I said well be prepared cause you have wedding shower, wedding and baby showers to think about in the future.

The baby was a bit fussy from not getting a normal morning nap with being at all I got was a pic of me holding him on my lap ;)

Later in the day, I found these two sacked out on the chair this point the baby was VERY ready for bed.

I hope all of you had an enjoyable Sunday. I am just trying to get my house straightened up before my husband gets home from work. I am enjoying watching the sun go down and thinking about tucking myself into my big snuggly blanket later....

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Anonymous said...

I'm new here and was poking around and your page is AMAZING. I'm a little slow to putting up my page, but I got a start. Oh sorry my name's Lilly. Beautiful family too. See you round here.