Monday, November 24, 2008

My Son's Birth

My son was born today, November 24, 2008...born into eternal life. He asked Jesus into his heart. His earthly father lead him to his heavenly father. We are so happy for him and excited to watch God work in his life. He has already been saying he wants to be a missionary for a couple weeks and then today he said he wanted to be a missionary in Africa. I asked him what they do and he said they get to know God better and then they travel to different places in the world to tell people about God.

Please be praying for his walk.
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Katey said...

OH YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! isn't it a wonderful feeling to have one of your kids accept Christ.

on a side did you make your header??

Pitts Academy said...

AWESOME!! That brings tears to my eyes to hear the wonderful workings of our Lord and Savior.. He is great!! Blessings <><