Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lots Has Been Happening

It has been pretty busy around my house lately....actually over the past few months. Jack has suffered two pretty icky sinus infections, the first one he had for about 3 months. I thought it was allergies and so the poor kid suffered for far to long. The second infection, I was able to easily identify and get him treatment right away. He has finally been starting to take a few steps. He just turned 14 months old on the 6th of this month. Last month, I had a couple gallbladder attacks, one being extremely severe. In fact, it sent me to the Emergency Room. By the time I got there, the attack subsided. They said I would need to have my gallbladder out after finding multiple stones. I scheduled my surgery for the 16th of this month, which is tomorrow....Well, that is where the story takes a turn....I found out this past Sunday, I am pregnant. VERY UNEXPECTEDLY! Although, right now, the docs are being cautious as my beta HCG levels are low, but they are doubling which is a good sign. I have had miscarriages in the past, so this is obviously a possibility. I need to use progesterone with this pregnancy to help it along. I will be going for an ultrasound on the 26th. I have been doing okay. So far, no gallbladder attacks...which I am hoping lasts the entire 9 months because I cannot take any pain medication. Also, just before finding out I was pregnant, I was diagnosed with having Vitamin D Deficiency....I have not been feeling well, even before finding out I was pregnant. Tired, achy,, I was glad to find out I was not crazy and that there are some definite issues going on. My husband has been working A LOT...I mean, I hardly see him. We are in the process of buying a home and so he is working a lot of doubles to get us where he financially wants us.

I cannot imagine what God has in store for us in the next year with a possible new house and baby....God is always good......

I hope all is well with all of you :)

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Bevy said...

Wow!! You're right, alot has been going on... you're in my thoughts and prayers.

Rest if and when you can!

Cherrie said...

Congratulations, I will be praying for a healthy pregnancy. Your hormones must be going crazy with a sick child and gallbladder issues. Thanks for sharing.