Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Try A Love List

Sometimes I am amazed at the ways God will speak to my heart. Just yesterday I was complaining to a close friend that I just don't feel like I can get anything done that I set out to do. My son, while being a very happy baby, is only happy because of all the work I put into him. I end up feeling exhausted and basically worthless because I cannot keep up.

My Above Rubies magazine came today...a free magazine and an absolute blessing to me....the second article I read was this.....


Mother Theresa said "It is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing" (STOP...SIDE NOTE...I posted this exact quote in my blog a few months ago..first interesting point for me already has me sucked in) This got me thinking. We women are famous for our daunting "could never accomplish in three days let alone one" TO DO lists. What if, instead of making a list at the beginning of the day of all that needs to get accomplished, we turn it around a bit? What if we made a list at the end of the day of all the "unseen" acts of love? I believe this list would be more telling as to how productive the day actually was.

We still need that TO DO list. It keeps us focused, on track and accomplishing those things that are our responsibility. Maybe we could add to the top of that list, after the word "do", the words "in God's time". Offering up our time to God to be used as he desires is a beautiful act of worship.

I'm going to make my list tonight and I encourage you to do the same. I think you'll be amazed to see how much love you put in your doing today. Similarly, if you don't have a lot to add to that LOVE list but you got a lot accomplished from the day's TO DO list, keep that in mind when writing out the next day's list. Maybe "love a little bit more" should be at the top of that one.

Robin McKay @ Set Your Heart To Seek God

She gave this list...

Imagine the won't be much of a stretch, I promise:

-kissed and bandaged and invisible "owie"

-read baby his favorite book seven times.

-held my tongue when the boys trapsed mud through the house after digging up all the flower blubs along the front walkway

-officiated over a toilet funeral for the beloved goldfish

-sang a song and smiled each time a diaper was changed-that would have been 27 times

-lovingly rocked and soothed a little one cutting teeth

-spent all night cleaning up vomit since all the children decided to share their germs with one another.

-made Daddy's favorite dinner.

-gently combed the tangles out of the daughter's hair

-softly, calmly soothed an autistic son as his frustration began to escalate

-fulfilled a request made by hubby that seemed unimportant

-stayed on top of the day's lessons although feeling mentally spent

-set down the day's lessons recognizing tensions were high over that math concept

-lovingly picked up a crabby baby who really should have napped longer, knowing it was going to be a long evening.

-took the extra time to prepare a healthy lunch instead of opening a box of preservatives

-forgot about needing a shower and smelled in the sweet aroma of the new baby.

-asked for forgiveness after being too quickly bothered by an act of childishness

-disciplined rightly, lovingly, and firmly when an infraction of God's or house rules occurred.

-played a game instead of spending those few precious "free" minutes in a book

-got off the computer when wanting to "surf" a little longer, knowing it had been enough

-baked chocolate chip cookies and let everyone have a spoon of dough

-started a pillow fight

-listened intently to older son explain how something works that you have little or no interest in

-opened ears and closed mouth when older daughter wanted to "talk"

-gratefully accepted a bouquet of dandelions (or swamp grass)

-drove to homeschool co-op while wanting to stay in bathrobe all day

-danced with either Prince Charming or Cinderella

-graciously accepted tea and crumpets served in plastic dishes resembling water and stale crackers

-read a book to children old enough to read to themselves

-made popcorn for family movie night

-cheerfully helped with a science project knowing a big mess was awaiting in the end

-drove a unique child to the Special Olympics even and cheered for everyone

-laughed when I wanted to cry.

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Kaycee said...

This is great! I've been struggling with "to do list" issues so I love hearing your thoughts on this. I think I need to subscribe to that magazine.