Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm Here :)

April stopped by to check on me today and I guess I did not realize it had been so long since I posted last. I have been having a hard couple of weeks. I have never really stated on here that my hubby has been gone to another state since before Christmas for training for a new job position with the government. He comes home finally on April 4th and I am so excited. Anyway, for the past couple weeks I have not been feeling very well. I actually was diagnosed with having Benign Positional Vertigo...basically the long way of saying that I had the spins. Out of nowhere one night I was dreaming that I was spinning....but in reality when I got up to pop the baby's pacifier back in, I actually was having dizziness. I went to the doc and she said it might be a viral infection attacking the nerve in my ear and put me on steroids. That did not really help at all. Fast forward another week and I went to see the ear doc. By this time, the dizziness was gone. He said it must have corrected itself, but normally they do some sort of maneuver to get your ear equilibrium back to normal. He told me it could happen again..great! It really had me feeling off. I felt lightheaded, could not concentrate, and was basically not myself. That coupled with trying to take care of the house, homeschool and deal with baby really just had me exhausted, hence the reason why I have not shown my face or post I should say ;)

I am feeling better now, just in time for the baby to be cutting teeth and I think it may be on top and bottom. This has set his reflux off in full force and he has been getting up about two hours after going to sleep and not falling back asleep for a couple hours. Last night was better...and so far tonight seems to be going well too.

My soon to be 9-year-old has also been REALLY getting on my last nerve. That is a whole nother story...and will save it for another day.

Just pray for me to make it this last couple of weeks until my hero arrives on his stallion to rescue me...ha ha..okay..until my hubby comes home.

Thanks for checking on me April...your the best!!!
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Southern Gal said...

I was wondering where you disappeared to. I've never had to deal with my hubby being gone from home for any length of time since having children. It must be hard.

Feel ya on the dizziness issue. Had it a couple of times and it mysteriously disappeared never to return. Praying the same for you!

Anonymous said...

Whew...So glad to hear from you but so sorry that you've been going thru so much! He's almost home, your on the downhill now. I admire you for the way you've handled this all these months! You made me laugh when you said your 9 year old is on your last nerve!!! MINE IS TOO!!! Must be something about that age! OK, thx for posting and letting us know your ALIVE. Hope your dizziness has fixed itself. Only a couple more weeks and your life will be normal again!!!!

Kaycee said...

That's a long time to be away from your husband. Teething babies are not fun, I hope you are all feeling better soon.