Monday, December 8, 2008

Popcorn Memories

I decided this year that I wanted to string popcorn for my tree with my kids.

Well, in order to do that I was not going to spend an arm and a leg to buy microwave popcorn to do it with. I was going to take out a pan and some oil and make it on the stove.

I started to do it and Courtney stood by concerned that something terrible might happen and proceeded to freak when she heard and saw the popcorn pushing the top off the pan. Something I realized though while doing this, is the wonderful memories I have. I stood there hearing the pan shaking against the grate of the stove and smelling the popcorn cooking in the oil and being in the house I grew up in and realized that I have memories, memories of popcorn. My Dad comes to mind.

There were two things my Dad was faithful too(well three, but we won't get into that), he was faithful to my mother and faithful to making popcorn every night. I would be in bed and the smell would come drifting into my bedroom. I have to admit that I would sit and stew wondering why THEY got popcorn and I did even the dog would get popcorn, but not me...I would wake up to find remnants of popcorn all around my father's recliner. Heck, when I moved in, there was still popcorn on the floor. Anyway, I just realized what a wonderful memory it was and I want my kids to have the same memory. I am going to incorporate it into their lives as much as possible...maybe try some different oils or different popcorn kernals...I have to admit the white kernel is not all that great...but who cares, its going on the tree.

So in summary, thanks to my Dad for the wonderful memory....and guess what Dad...I'm the parent and I am eating it now...and your probably not...he he!!!!!
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