Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I began another journey. Seems as if I'm always doing something doesn't it. Being 250 lbs on my frame (under it all I'm pretty tiny) is killing me. I decided I had to do something. Weight Watchers for whatever reason had quit working for me. I really think that I have an issue with sugar. I had been reading a lot about Paleo and believe in eating the way it encourages you to eat, but needed something more. Whole30 is an extreme Paleo. No grains, legumes, dairy, alcohol, or sugar. Paleo allows a little bit more. I would say Whole30 is a way of getting in touch with how you view food. Where is it that you have a problem. As I suspected, sugar is mine. The first two days were pretty harsh. I was craving (of all things) coffee creamer. I felt like I was going to bottom out throughout the entire two days. I'm on day 5 now and have a lot of energy. More energy then I have seen in the past couple years. So....what do I eat you might ask! Meat, veggies and some fruit. LOTS of good fats. Some nuts. It has caused me to get creative with food. I will be posting what I eat and including recipes as I am able. I also will be taking you all on my journey through losing what I hope to be 100 lbs. Would be great to have that gone by my 40th birthday in November, but any loss is an improvement. I have started to add a lot of my favorite blogs that explain Paleo and Whole30. Another reason for our food change is because of Jack. My son will likely be getting a diagnosis of Autism in the next couple months. This is no surprise to us and we have been tweaking his diet for almost a year to try to help him. Shortly after just going gluten free, he started talking a lot more and singing. That was something we had not seen out of him before taking gluten out of his diet.

Here is the link to the Whole30 way of life WHOLE30. Check them out and also I would encourage you to find them on Facebook. They are a great group of people.

I am SUPER determined. I smoked once...and once I started feeling like it was a monkey on my back...IT WAS GONE (it took me a while to get to that point). Here I am again...I am determined!
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