Saturday, September 11, 2010

Updates :)

It's been a while hasn't it. Just wanted to say that I am still here. Having a 2 year old and a new baby can keep one VERY busy.

A few updates:

The summer was not really busy, other than dealing with the little ones. The heat made it hard to get out of the house.

We finally got our dining room and living room painted, courtesy of my wonderful mother. It really brightened our moods to have some fresh paint on the walls and to finally start making the home our own. We did the dining room in a wonderful red color and the living room is a nice yellowy gold tan color. The one picture of the dining room shows the red on one side and the blueish primer on the other side of the fireplace.

We attended a few art fairs and went strawberry and blueberry picking for the first time. That was a lot of fun.

Jack turned 2. He is doing a lot better. He has started to talk and counts up to 10 and backwards to 1. He says a few words and each week seems to have another word he learns to say. He is continuing with the Early Intervention playgroup. He is my child that teaches me patience and makes me want to lose a lot of weight to keep up with him. He always seems to find something to get in to.

Oliver got bigger :)

I made a rag quilt and some coasters.

I canned some applesauce. Made some pasta sauce and refrigerator pickles too.

School started last week here in the home and the first week went very well. I feel so blessed to be able to sit around the table first thing in the morning having family devotions. I love to be able to see the wheels turning in my son's head as he figures out math problems and also the joy he expresses when he gets them all right.

Wow, that was quite the update! I continue hoping that I will be able to get back to blogging more regularly.

Until next time....

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Southern Gal said...

Hi Andrea! I've missed you. Your children are getting so big. And that baby? He's just adorable. Love the house.