Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Family

Husband: My prince charming. He has the cutest ears. He is my partner in crime, my best friend, father to my children, fellow debater, our resident ogre, Mr. Melancholy, perfectionist extraordinaire, late night pantry mouse, but most of all my God given gift that keeps me on my toes and wanting to be the best wife possible.

Daughter: Self proclaimed Cinderelly, closet Diva, food connoisseur, drama queen, devoted daughter, future chemist, band geek, my special first born, spitting image of me, but better!!!

Son: Jedi Master, Video game player, junior philanthropist, father to bear bear, mama's boy, tenderhearted warrior, and future great father.

Youngest Son: We have yet to meet youngest son, but I imagine with his father's good looks and his mother's smarts...or maybe its the other way around, he will be a great kid. More to come on him....Due out September...but hopefully August.

The Cat: Resident furry Prima Donna, Evil Kitty, Beautiful yet Deadly, Persnickety, and sometimes lovable.
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